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Romanian folk dances

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New Mexico 2013
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Workshops 2019

 December 28 - Jan 1Schlagl (Austria), Sylvester Seminar

Contact: Nora Schuh:


January 3 - 6: Lago di Garda (Italy), ​Balkanot

With Roberto Bagnoli (Israeli) and Ahmet Luleci (Turkish)



January 9: Biasca (Switzerland) workshop


January 10: Bellinzone (Switzerland) workhop


January 12 - 13Zurich (Switzerland) seminar organized by Alexa Candrian

Contact: Alexa Candrian:


February 1 -3: Stockholm (Sweden) seminar organized by Sweden folk federation

Contact: Karin Davin: 


February 6 - 11: Torquay (United Kingdom) Rivieradance with Yves Moreau and France Bourque Moreau

Contact: Cathy Meunier



February 15 - 17: Albuquerque (NM) Klezmerquerque Festival with Miamon Miller band

Contact: Beth Cohen 


March 23 - April 7: The Netherlands and Belgium teaching tour

Saturday 23 March: Turnhout (Belgium) Zonne

Sunday 24 March: Apeldoorn (The Netherlands) Phoenix

Monday 25 March: Nijkerk (The Netherlands) Rav Brachot

Tuesday 26 March: Wageningen (The Netherlands) Wieledansers

Wensday 27 March: Dordrecht (The Netherlands) Machar

Thursday 28 March: Nijmegen (The Netherlands) VGN

March 28 - 31: Malle (Belgium) Tanats Festival

Monday 1 April: Tiel (The Nederlands) Igra

Tuesday 2 April: Almelo (The Netherlands) Halmata

Wensday 3 April: Amsterdam (The Netherlands) Zajednica

Thursday 4 April: Almere (The Netherlands) Karoen

Saturday 6 April: Eindhoven (The Netherlands) Droezjba

Sunday 7 April: Den Haag (The Netherlands) Nitsanim

Contact: Radboud Koop


May 16 - 19: Northen Illinois University (IL) June Camp with Tom Pixton band

Contact: Mady Newfield or Steve Salemson 


May 25 -26: Munich (Germany) Volkstanze Aus Rumanien

Contact: Heidemarie und Ibrahim Erimoglu

May 30 - June 2: Puchberg (Austria) seminar organized by Christine Trobinger and Maria Zachhalmel

Contact: Christine Trobinger 



June 11 - 22: Ethnographic trip in Transylvania and Maramures. Sonia and Cristian in collaboration with Camelia and Nelutu Motoc. We are sorry, the trip is full.



June 28 - 30: Shropshire (United Kingdom) The Dancing Cercle

Contact: Judy King 



July 16 - 27Ethnographic trip in Transylvania. Sonia and Cristian in collaboration with Camelia and Nelutu Motoc. We are sorry, the trip is full.



August 18 - 24: Fryburg (ME) Mainwoods Dance Camp with Caspar Bik (Georgian), Penny Brichta (Israeli) and MerakKef Expres (international folk musicians)

Contact: Carol Wilson  



August 30 - Sept. 2: Cascade (MD) World Village Music and Dance Camp 

Contact: Jamie Platt 



September 13 - 15: Enon Valley (PA) Enon Valley Folk Dance Camp ​with Iliana Bozhanova (Bulgarian)

Contact: Rob McCollum 


October 3 - 6: Los Silos, San Miguel de Allende (Mexico)

Contact: Cecilia Danza 



October 17 - November 4: Japan tour

October 17: Tokyo

October 19 - 20: Hitachi (workshop)

October 21: Okayama (workshop)

October 23: Seto-ohashi

October 24: Shakujii (workshop)

October 25: Oyama (workshop)

October 28: Sayama (workshop)

October 31: Kobe (workshop)

November 2: Gifu (workshop)

November 4: Narita

Contact: Masanori Murata 



November 28 - 30: San Francisco (CA) 68th Kolo Festival with John Morovich (Croatian dances) and John Filcich (Traditional Kolos). Singing teachers: Maria Bebelekova, John Morovich and Michele Simon


Workshops 2018

January 18: Fermilab (IL) Fermilab International Folk Dancing

Contact: Mady Newfield  or



January 19-21: Madison (WI) 30th Annual Folk Ball Festival




January 22: Chicago (IL) evening workshop

Contact: Judith Solomon


February 16: Delray (FL) Balkan by the Beach

Contact: Janet Higgs



February 18 - March 4: Folk Dance Cruise leading by Yves and France Moreau (starting Miami, FL)

Contact: Yves Moreau



March 15-19: San Antonio (TX) 60th annual San Antonio Folk Dance Festival with Jaap Leegwater (Bulgarian dances) and Campbell Miller (Social and American vintage dances)




March 23: Edmonton (Canada, AB) Edmonton International Folk Dancers




April 18: Surrey (Canada, BC) evening workshop

Contact: Dale Adamson 


April 20-22: Vancouver (Canada, BC) Lyrids Folk Dance Festival

Contact: Dale Adamson



April 24: Burnaby (Canada, BC) evening workshop

Contact: Dale Adamson



May 11-13: Circle Lodge, Hopewell Junction (NY)  International Folk Dance Camp (IFC)  with Maurits van Geel (International dances) and Moshe Eskayo (Israelian dances) 

Contact: Joan Hantman



June 9-10: Poznan (Poland)  Warsztat tańców rumuńskich (Romanian dance workshop)

Contact: Anna Trąbała Nergiz



June 19-30: Ethnographic trip in Transylvania and Bucovina. Sonia and Cristian in collaboration with Camelia and Nelutu Motoc.

Contact: Sonia Dion 


July 15-29: Stockton (CA) Stockton Folk Dance Camp, with: Aaron Alpert (Israeli dances), Caspar Bik (Balkan dances), Joe Graziosi (Greek dances), Roo Lester (Scandinavian dances), Kay Munn (Scottish dances), Tony Parkes (American Squares and Contra), Rebecca Tsai (Chinese dances) and Miamon Miller The Band

Contact: Sabine Zappe



August 2-5: Montezuma (NM), New Mexico August Folk Dance Camp, with Roo Lester (Scandinavian dances)

Contact:Dorothy Stermer



August 31 - Sept. 3: Portland (OR) Balkanalia




September 12-23: Ethnographic trip in Transylvania  (Romania). The trip is FULL                            

Contact: Sonia Dion


October 7-14:  Binne (Switzerland) seminar organized by Alexa Candrian

Contact: Alexa Candrian


October 20: Ottawa (Canada, ON) IFDO's 50th Anniversary Celebration  with Yves Moreau (Bulgarian and Balkan) and  The Pinewoods Band lead by Tom Pixton

Contact: Lucette Lepage  



October 26-28: Pocono Manor (PA)  Pocono Manor Folk Dance Weekend 

Contact:  or



November 2-4: Mineneapolis (MN) Tapestry Folk Dance Festival




November 23-25: San Francisco (CA) Kolo Festival



December 28 - Jan. 1: Schlägl (Austria), Sylvester Seminar

Contact: Nora Schuh:


Workshops 2017

January 21-22: Eugene, OR (USA) 39th Veselo Community Folk Dancers Festival

Contact: Linda Ketchum;


January 27: Edmonton (Canada) Edmonton International Folk Dancers




February 3-5: Shropshire (United Kingdom)

Contact: Judy King



February 8-13: Torquay (United Kingdom) Rivieradance with Yves Moreau and France Bourque Moreau

Contact: Cathy Meunier



February 17-20: Orlando, FL (USA) President's Weekend Workshop



February 24: Delray, FL (USA) Balkan By The Beach, afternoon workshop

Contact: Janet Higgs


March 3-5: Laguna Woods, CA (USA) 47th Laguna Folk Dance Festival with Ahmet Lüleci (Turkish)




March 31-April 2: Knoxville, TN (USA) Oak Ridge Folk Dancers

Contact: Paul or Barbara Taylor,



April 29: Appleton WI (USA), The Folk Dancers of the Fox Valley’s 25th annual Workshop

Contact: Donna DiBella, 


May 19-22: Waterloo, ON (Canada) Ontario Folk Dance Camp

Contact: Dale Hyde,



May 30-June 10: Ethnographic trip in Transylvania (Romania)  Sonia and Cristian in collaboration with Camelia and Nelutu Motoc

Contact: Sonia Dion,


June 17-24: Mendocino, CA (USA) Mendocino Folklore Camp with Yannis Konstantinou (Macedonian) and Roo Lester with Harry Khamis (Scandinavian)

Contact: Susie Burke,



July 16-30: Stockton, CA (USA) Stockton Folk Dance Camp with Roberto Bagnoli (International), Caspar Bik (Georgian), Bruce Hamilton (English), Radboud Koop (Russian), France Bourque-Moreau (French-Candian/International) and Tony Parkes (American Squares and Contras)

Contact: Jeff O'Connor,



August 26-27: Zurich (Switzerland)

Contact: Alexa Candrian:  


September 1-4:  High View, WV (USA) World Village Music & Dance Camp

Contact: Jamie and Betsy Platt,



September 12-23: Ethnographic trip in Transylvania (Romania)  Sonia and Cristian in collaboration with Camelia and Nelutu Motoc

Contact: Sonia Dion,


September 30-October 1: Munich (Germany) Volkstanze mit Sonia und Cristian

Contact:  Heidemarie Erimoglu:


October 7-8Ulm  (Germany)

Contact: Werner Reinisch: 


October 12-30: Japan tour

14-15 Kumamoto prefecture in Kyushu Island

16-17 Ushiku in Ibaraki

19-20 Nasu in Tochigi

21-22 Yamaguchi prefecture

27 Tochigi prefecture

28 Hyogo prefecture 

other workshops to be confirmed

Contact: Masanori Murata,



November 23-26: Bruceville, TX (USA) Texas International Folk Dancers with Richard Powers (Vintage/Social Dance)

Contact: Lisa Horn,




Workshops 2016

January 2-5: Lago di Garda (Italy) Balkanot

With Eddy Tijssen (Bulgarian) and Roberto Bagnoli (Israeli)



January 15-17: St. Louis (MO) International Folk Dance Association of University City 



April 2: Longueuil (QC-CANADA) organized by Les Mutin de Longueuil & Jean Sauriol

Contact: j-sauriol@videotron .ca


April 11Longueuil (QC-CANADA) organized by Troupe Joyeuse 



April 14: Québec City (Canada) La Dansoise

Contact: or


June 14-25: Ethnographic trip in Transylvania and Bucovina, Romania (English speakers) organized by Sonia and Cristian in collaboration with Camelia and Nelutu Motoc.



July 5-16: Ethnographic trip in Transylvania and Maramures organized by Sonia and Cristian, Camelia and Nelutu Motoc.



August 21-27: Camp Indian Acres in Fryeburg, Maine. Mainwoods Dance Camp

With Roo Lester (Scandinavian) and  Miroslav Bata Marcetic (Serbian)



September 2-5: High View (WV) World Village Music & Dance Camp



September 10-24:  Tour in North California (USA) 

10 - Peninsula Folk Dance Council  - afternoon workshop and evening party

12 - Community College of San Francisco  

13 - Palomanians

15 and 16 - Chico

17 - Sacramento - afternoon workshop and evening party

18 - Placerville - afternoon workshop

20 - Santa Rosa

21 - Berkeley

23 - Changs class in San Francisco

24 - Moveable Feet couple's workshop

Contact: Ellie Wiener 


October 8-9: Munich (Germany) Volkstanze mit Sonia und Cristian

Contact: Heidemarie and Ibrahim Erimoglu



Workshops 2015


February 4-9: Torquay (England) Residential Dance Course at the Livermead Hotel

With Yves Moreau (Balkan) and France Bourque-Moreau (International)

Website:           Contact:


February 20-22: Laguna Woods (CA) 45th annual Laguna Folk Dance Festival

With Erica Goldman (dances of Israel)

Website:     Contact:


April 11-12: Munich (Germany)

Contact: Heidemarie Erimoglu:


April 17-19: Großrußbach (Austria)


Contact: Ulli Bixa:


April 25-26: Zurich (Switzerland)

Contact: Alexa Candrian:


May 15-17: Indianapolis (IN)


June 9 - 20: Ethnographic trip in Transylvania and Maramures, Romania (English speakers) organized by Sonia and Cristian in collaboration with Camelia and Nelutu Motoc.

This trip is already FULL.

Contact: Sonia Dion:


June 25-July 2: Plymouth (MA) Pinewoods Camp International Dance & Music week

With Yves Moreau (Bulgarian) and France Moreau (French-Canadian)

Website:         Contact:


July 19- August 2Stockton (CA) 68th Stockton Folk Dance Camp

With Cesar Garfiaz (Salsa-Rueda), Zeljko Jergan (Croatian), Kay Munn (Scottish), Gene Kastrati (Albanian), Götz Zinser (German), Nils Fredland (Contras and Squares) and Miamon Miller & Friends (live music).


September 4-7: High View (WV) World Village Music & Dance Camp

With Nikolay Tzvetkov (Bulgaria)



September 11-13: Binghamton (NY) Oquaga Folk Dance Weekend

More details to be announced


October 9-11: Aptos (CA) North/South Teachers Seminar

More details to be announced


December 28 - Jan 1: Schlägl (Austria), Sylvester seminar

Contact: Nora Schuh:


                                 Workshops 2014

January 3-5: Nunspeet (The Netherlands), Driekoningencursus 3KC (Three Kings), with Ahmet Lüleci (Turkish) and Simone Verheyven (English)
Contact: Sibylle Helmer,

January 8-19: Belgium and Netherlands, Cristian & Sonia's tour
organized by Radboud Koop
January 08: 19h30-22h30, Nitsanim group, Den Haag
January 09: 19h30-22h30, Ivanica/Agapo groups, Hengelo/Enschede
January 11: 10h00-17h00, Zonne group, Turnhout (Belgium) Website:
January 13: 19h30-22h30, Oud-Poelgeest group, Leiden
January 15: 19h30-22h30, Tarantella group, Utrecht
January 16: 19h30-22h30, Gaida group, Alkmaar
January 18: 13h00-17h00, Phoenix group, Apeldoorn
January 19: 12h00-17h00, Maastricht
Contact: Radboud Koop,

January 25-February 8: Southern Caribbean cruise on the Celebrity Eclipse, organized by Yves and France Moreau

April 7: Westmount (QC)

April 26: Longueuil (QC) organized by Les Mutins de Longueuil & Jean Sauriol                                                    Contact:

May 23-26: Redding (California), Folk Dance Federation Statewide Festival with Roberto Bagnoli (International) and live music with Chubritza
Contact: Julie East

May 31 - June 1: Berlin (Germany)
Info: Katrin Anger

June 10-21: Ethnographic trip in Transylvania, Romania (English speakers) organized by Sonia and Cristian in collaboration with Camelia and Nelutu Motoc
This trip is already FULL
Contact: Sonia Dion,

July 1-12: Ethnographic trip in Transylvania, Romania organized by Sonia and Cristian in collaboration with Camelia and Nelutu Motoc                                                                                                                                                            This trip is already FULL

Contact: Sonia Dion,

July 19-28
: CANCELLED Bali (Indonesia) Dance Vacation to Bali organized by Tineke Van Geel
with Maurits Van Geel (Caucasus and International)

July 30 - August 4: Hong Kong, International Dance Camp
Contact: TK,

August 24-30: Fryeburg (ME), Mainewoods Dance Camp with Christos Papakostos (Greek) and Kay Munn (Scottish)Website:

September 12-14: Asheville (NC), Annual International Folk Dance Camp at Mountain Playshop
Contact: Mary Goodman

September  20 - October 2: Japan tour :

September 20 - 21, Ushiku city gym.

September 23, Ushiku city Public hall

September 24, Futabadai

September 27, Yokosuka

September 28, Tochigi

September 29, Higashi

September 30, Kobe

October 2, Tsukuba

Contact: Masanori Murata

October 10-13: Hopewell Junction (NY) Moshe Eskayo International Folklore Camp with Susie and Steve Kotansky, David Vinsky and Moshe Eskayo                                                                                           Contact:   

November 13-16: Balneary Imbé (Brazil) VI Festival Rodas Do Sul Brasil more details to be announced

December 28-January 1: Dodgeville (WI) 67th Festival of Christmas & Midwinter Traditions with other teachers to be announced


                                 Workshops 2013

February 7-12: Torquay (England) at the Livermead Hotel, organized by Cathy Meunier.                                   Balkan dances. Residential Dance Course. With France Bourque-Moreau and Yves Moreau.                                 Contact: Cathy Meunier

February 16: Manchester (England)

February 23-24: Munich (Germany)                                                                                                                     Contact: Heidemarie Erimoglu

March 4-15
: Caribbean Cruise, organized by France and Yves Moreau                                                         Website: 

March 15-17:
San Antonio (TX), 55th San Antonio Festival with Jose Padron (Mexican) and Joseph Pimentel (English Country)                                                                                                        Website: 

June 25-July 6:
Ethnographic trip in Romania, organized by Sonia and Cristian with Camelia and Nelu Motoc

August 1-4: Soccorro (NM), 30th New Mexico August Folk Dance Camp, with Roman Lewkowicz (Carpathian from Ukraine)                                                               Website:                                                                                                 

August 10-17: Rock Hill (NY), Iroquois Springs Balkan Music & Dance Workshops, with Joe Graziosi (Greek), Steve Kotansky (Balkan & Rom), Alexander Markovic (Serbian), Sergiu Popa (accordion) and many more!

September 7-8
: Trondheim (Norway), 4th IFIN Festival (more details to be announced)

September 10: Hamar (Norway), 18:00 - 22:00

September 12: Sandefjord (Norway), 18:00 - 22:00

October 6-11: Mürren (Switzerland) at the Regina Hotel, organized by Alexa Candrian                                     Contact:                                                                                                                  

October 19-20: Sheffield (England), with Radboud Koop (Russian)
Contact: Cathy Meunier

October 26-27: Reggio Emilia (Italy)
Contact: Roberto Bagnoli

October 31 - November 3Bildungshause Großrußbach (Austria)
Contact: Ulli Bixa                                                                                                               

December 28 - Jan 1:
Schlälg (Austria), Sylvester seminar
Christine Papp or 
Nora Schuh


                                 Workshops 2012

January 2-5: Lago di Garda (Italy): Balkanot Camp with Roberto Bagnoli (Israëli) & Yves Moreau (Bulgarian) 

January 7-8: Zurich (Switzerland) seminar                                                                                                       Organized by Alexa Candrian

January 14-15: mini-tour in Belgium                                                                                                                          January 14: Roeselare (10h00-17h00)                                                                                                                    January 15: Turnhout (10h00-17h00)                                                                                       Website:

January 20-22: Bildungshause Großrußbach (Austria)

Contact: Ulli Bixa 
January 27-29: Madison (WI) Folk Ball Festival

 March 3: Longueuil (QC) organized by Les Mutins de Longueuil & Jean Sauriol                                                    Contact:

March 24-25: Dayton (OH) 60th anniversary of the Miami Valley Folk Dancers                                                      Website: www.DaytonFolkDance. com/mvd

April 29-May 13: Japan tour, organized by Masanori & Sayo Murata                                                                         April 29-30: Ibaraki                                                                                                                                                     May 1: Kobe                                                                                                                                                               May 3: Fukushima                                                                                                                                                       May 4: Oita                                                                                                                                                                 May 6: Saitama                                                                                                                                                           May 8: Hitachi                                                                                                                                                            May 10: Yamanashi Mt. Fuji                                                                                                                                        May 11 Tochigi Nikko                                                                                                                                             Contact:                                                                                                                      Website:                                                                               

May 15-20: Taiwan tour, organized by Vincent Hsu                                                                                              Contact:

May 23-27: Hong Kong 

June 2-3: Singapore 

July 8-15: Macdonald Lake (QC) Music Centre Summer Camp                                                                         Website:

July 22 - August 5: Stockton (CA) 65th Stockton Folk Dance Camp                     Website:

August 12-18: Fryeburg (ME) Mainewoods Folk Dance Camp, with Susan di Guardiloa (Vintage) & Olga Sandolowich (Macedonian)                                                                                                                                           Website:

August 25-27: Keswick (England)                                                                                                                        Contact: Cathy Meunier

August 31 - September 2: Biddinghuizen (Netherlands), Doe Dans Festival                                                       Website:

September 4 - 16: Netherlands, Cristian & Sonia's tour                                                                                       Organized by Marius Korpel & Radboud Koop                                                                                                September 4: Deventer, Chaverim group                                                                                                            September 5: Ermelo, Ballamus Simus group                                                                                                 September 6: Enschede, Agapo group                                                                                                           September 7: Delf, Radost group                                                                                                                   September 8: Nijmegen, VGN group                                                                                                                September 9: Amsterdam, Zajednica group                                                                                                     September 10: Zutphen, Dobro dosli group                                                                                                                September 11: Steenwijk, Moravac group                                                                                                               September 12: Den Haag, Nitsanim group                                                                                                                   September 13: Eindhoven, Droezjba group                                                                                                               September 15: Eindhoven, IDE group                                                                                                                           September 16: Oud-Gastel, Tschaveska group                                                                                                         Contact: Radboud Koop                                                                                                                                                                                            

October 5-8: Hopewell Junction (NY) Moshe Eskayo International Folklore Camp with Susie and Steve Kotansky, David Vinsky and Moshe Eskayo



                                                            Workshops 2011

January 6-9: Nunspeet (Netherlands) 3KC Driekoningencursus
Organized by Sibylle Helmer. Contact:

January 10-31: Nertherlands & Belgium, Sonia & Cristian's tour
Organized by the Dutch National Folk Dance organisation and Marius Korpel & Radboud Koop.
January 10: 19:30-22:30 Dospovo group, Utrecht                                                                                                      January 11: 19:30-22:30 Floricica group, Capelle a/d Ussel
January 12: 19:30-22:30 Nitsanim group, Den Haag
January 13: 19:30-22:30 Agapo group, Enschede
January 14: 19:30-22:30 Zajednica group, Amsterdam
January 15: 13:00-17:00 Droezjba group, Eindhoven
January 16: 13:00-17:00 Phoenix group, Alperdoorn
January 17: 19:30-22:30 Oud-Poelgeest group, Leiden
January 19: 19:30-22:30 Nitsanim group, Den Haag
January 21: 19:30-22:30 Radost group, Delft
January 22: 13:00-17:00 Machar group, Dordrecht
January 23: 13:00-17:00 Teu group, Groningen
January 24: 19:00-22:00 Igra group, Tiel
January 25: 19:30-22:30 Karoen group, Almere
January 26: 19:30-22:30 Nitsanim group, Den Haag                                                                                                  January 28: 19:30-22:30 Gaida group, Bergen NH 
January 29: 10:00-17:00 Roeselare group, Roeselare (Belgium)
January 30: 10:00-17:00 Zonne group, Turnhout (Belgium)
Contact: Radboud Koop,                                                                                                     

February 4-6
Newport Beach (CA) Laguna Folkdancers Festival with Bata Marcetic (Serbian).

Febuary 8-19: South California & Nevada tour  
Organized by Gerda Benzeev Contact:

February 8: Tuesday Gypsies, Culver City (CA) Contact: Millicent Stein
February 10: Westwood Co-op, West Los Angeles (CA) Contact: Berverly Barr     
February 11: LIFE Balkan Dancers, West Los Angeles (CA) Contact: Sherry Cochran          
February 12: Café Aman, West Los Angeles (CA) Contact: Madelyn Taylor  
February 13: Cerritos Folk Dancers, Lakewood (CA) Contact: Wen-Li Chiang
February 14: San Pedro Kolo Dancers, San Pedro (CA) Contact: Pauline Klak  
February 16: Ethnic Express Int'l Folk Damcers, Las Vegas (NV) Contact: Richard Killian     
February 17: Narodni Int'l Folk Dancers, Bellflower (CA) Contact: Carol Wall
February 18: Pasedena Folk Dance Co-op, Pasadena (CA) Contact: Mark Rayman
February 19: Folk Dance Center, San Diego (CA) Contact: Vicki Maheu 

April 29-May 1: Salt Spring Island (BC) Salt Spring Island Folk Dance Festival with Roberto Bagnoli (Italian).

May 7: Honolulu (HI) with Roberto Bagnoli (Italian)
Contact: Marcia Kemble

June 23-30: Plymouth (MA) Pinewoods Camp International Dance & Music week with Radboud Koop (Russian)

July 2-9: Mendocino (CA) Mendocino Folklore Camp

August 21-27: Fryeburg (ME) Mainewoods Dance Camp with Dale Hyde (Welsh), Sani Rifati (Rom), George Fogg (English) and Susan Anderson, Carol & Bill Wadlinger (Musicians)                                         

September 2-5: Corbett (OR) Balkanalia with Ahmet Lüleci                                                             Website:

September 10-17: Boston (MA) to Montreal (QC) Folk Dance Cruise with France Bourque-Moreau (French), Yves Moreau (Bulgarian), Ahmet Lüleci (turkish) to celebrate the 50th birthdays of Cristian, Ahmet & Sonia.                

September 30: Edmonton (AB) Edmonton International Folk Dancers                                                                   organized by Ann Smreciu

October 15: Ottawa (ON) International Folk Dancers of Ottawa (IFDO)                                                                       Contact: Marcel Pronovost                                                                                    Website:

October 21-23: Hopewell Junction (NY) Moshe Eskayo International Folklore Camp (more  details to be announced)

November 5: Chicoutimi (QC), organized by Les Farandoles                                                                                     Website: Contact:

November 24-27: Texas Camp                                                                                                                                 Website:

December 28-January 1: Dodgeville (WI) 64th Festival of Christmas & Midwinter Traditions with other teachers to be announced


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